DIALLI – Furnishing ideas for KIDS’ BEDROOMS

Furnishing ideas for kids’ bedrooms in a single family house in the suburbs of Philadelphia, USA. The family has three girls, two of which share one bedroom, while the eldest one has her own room. The design proposal introduces soft color palettes, fun accents and low cost IKEA pieces.


The first bedroom is set in light neutrals and pastels. Furnishings include a bunk bed in one corner of the room, an L-shaped desk by the windows and a large dresser with plenty of drawers. A tall shelving unit and a selection of wall shelves provide additional storage options. A wardrobe is not needed, as the room has a whole walk in closet.

The walls are set in light grey. The ones adjacent to the bed have a fun pastel pink accent detail drawn on them. The existing hardwood flooring is preserved, and the floor is laid with a soft geometric patterned carpet. Recessed lights in the drywall ceiling distribute light evenly across the room.


The second bedroom adheres to the same design theme. The main color of the walls is light grey. A yellow accent is, however, introduced in the corner by the bed where a familiar geometric accent detail can be found. The floor is laid with a multicolored triangle patterned carpet, and the ceiling features recessed lights.

Furnishings include a single upholstered bed in light grey, a small night stand, a dresser, and a small desk with a drawer unit. Different types of wall shelves are hung on the walls, where additional personal belongings can be stored or displayed.