A city apartment design with a contemporary feel. The apartment features a living room with a kitchen area, a master bedroom, a small additional room, a hallway and a bathroom. The design proposal puts a focus on clean lines and a balanced choice of colors and materials. Light neutrals dominate the scene, with the occasional pop of color in selected locations.


The living room is a spacious room with an irregular floor plan with a whole lot of breaks in the walls. The L-shaped kitchen area takes up the innermost part of the room. The cabinets are made of white gloss and light oak. The sitting area is located in the sunny part of the room right by the windows. It features an L-shaped sectional sofa with a coffee table, facing a custom design TV unit, also designed in white gloss and light oak. A dining table with a set of four chairs can be found right in the center of the room.

The floor is laid with light laminate, and the walls are set in light greige. One wall stands out as a feature wall set in a dark green tone that matches the color of the blackout curtains that complement the dual blinds for the windows.

Lighting options include flush mounts with a modern vintage feel in black metal and clear glass. The kitchen also features integrated LED strip lighting that will illuminate the whole worktop area.


The master bedroom is set in light neutral shades. Furnishings include a corner floor to ceiling wardrobe, a dresser, an upholstered storage bed with a light oak headboard and two wall-mounted bedside tables.

The wardrobe has a light oak carcass and a mix of white gloss and mirror doors. A wall-mounted TV can be found above the dresser. The windows are decorated with beige blackout curtains and a sheer white curtain.

A ceiling flush mount and wall sconces with textile caps and wooden bases complete the look. The walls are set in plain light wall paint with the exception of the feature wall behind the bed which is set in accent plaster with a satin finish.


The small room is a tight little space with a weird floor plan. It is designed as a guest bedroom, with the option to serve as a kid’s bedroom in the future. Furnishings include a single bed, a desk, wall shelves, a dresser and a wall cabinet.

The room features the same selection of colors and materials that can be found throughout the apartment – pure white, light oak and greige. Yellow accents are, however, also introduces in this room to make it look more friendly and fun.


The hallway is designed in light neutrals. Furnishings include a large wardrobe with a seat, as well as a large shoe cabinet and dresser with a large wall mirror with integrated LED lighting.

The floor is set in light beige tiles, and the walls are set in light greige paint and decorative wall plaster of a similar shade. Drywall ceilings are designed with recessed spotlights and accent LED strip lighting along the walls.


The bathroom features an elegant selection of tiles in dark and light grey, with beautifully patterned decor tiles. A shower area can be found in the innermost corner of the room. The toilet is wall-mounted and features an in-wall water tank.

A large vanity cabinet is designed all along the opposite wall with wall cabinets with mirror doors to complete the look. A larger wall cabinet is designed to accommodate the wall-mounted water heated in the corner.