MERIDA – Family APARTMENT Design for a Young Couple

Family apartment design for a young couple planning a couple of kids in the near future. The apartment has a functional layout featuring an entrance foyer, leading to a living room with a kitchen area, a master bedroom with its own bathroom, a kids’ bedroom, a main bathroom and a closet. The design has a contemporary feel and is set in light neutrals.


The living room accommodates a kitchen corner, a dining area, a TV area and a home office nook.

The kitchen area can be found in the innermost part of the room, furthest from the windows. It features a tall cabinet unit with built in appliances – a fridge and a microwave oven. It also features a standard L-shaped combo of base and wall kitchen cabinets, also complete with integrated appliances – an oven, a cooktop, a range hood and a washing machine. The tall cabinet and the base cabinets have glossy white fronts, while the wall cabinets and the kitchen worktop are set in light beige with a mat finish. The backsplash is white, with a delicate geometric pattern in light grey.

The dining table can be found right beside the kitchen. It is extendable and complete with four upholstered light beige chairs.

The L-shaped multifunctional sleeper sofa is also set in light beige. It is complete with a round coffee table with a wooden top and a black metal base. An end table of the same design can be found beside the sofa.

The all white TV unit is basic in design. The wooden shelves mounted on the wall above can be nicely arranged with interior decorations and accessories, adding a nice finishing touch to the TV wall.

Finally, a home office area takes up the little nook by the window. It features a height adjustable desk and an office chair. Three little display cases are mounted on the wall beside the desks. They will be used to display trophies and other awards won at various sports events.

The floor is laid with light colored laminate, and the walls are in light beige mainly. The longest wall behind the sofa is designed as a feature wall with a three-color geometric design that visually separates the different areas along the wall. The opposite wall is also of great length that is however broken up by a number of wall stickers of tree silhouettes in white.

A drop ceiling with recessed lights is designed at both ends of the room. The greater ceiling height in the central area makes it feel more important, which makes sense since it accommodates the entertainment and dining areas. Both areas have their own special lighting design – a pendant light hangs over the dining table, and a modern looking LED flush mount is installed right above the coffee table by the sofa.


The master bedroom is also set in light neutrals – white, beige and grey. The furniture is of custom design in glossy white and light wood veneer. The wardrobe has sliding doors, the queen size bed has a soft upholstered headboard and drawers underneath the mattress, the bedside tables and the dressing table are neatly hung on the wooden panel that runs along the wall. A dresser with drawers with handleless fronts is available opposite the bed with a wall shelf overhead.

The floor is laid with light colored laminate – same as the one in the living room. The walls are all white with the exception of the one behind the bed which has a light grey finish. A drop ceiling with recessed lights is designed in the entrance area of the room. An eye catching chandelier will illuminate the actual bedroom space.


The kids bedroom features the same colors that can be found throughout the apartment – beige and white. A color burst in yellow is what distinguishes this room and makes it feel more cheerful as befits a kids’ bedroom.

Most furniture pieces – the bunk bed and wardrobes, to be exact, are of custom design. A study area with IKEA pieces is organized opposite the bunk bed. It features a white ALEX desk with a LANGFJALL chair and EKET wall cabinets.

The floor is laid with laminate, and the walls are set in white and beige. A fun geometric design with a stylized mountain silhouette is proposed as an accent for the wall behind the desk.

The lighting design is simple, with just one yellow colored flush mount in the center of the room. Additional lighting is proposed in the form of cloud shaped LED wall sconces by the bunk bed.


The entrance foyer is pretty tight which only allows for scarce furnishing – a hallway cabinet and a wall shelf. There is no room for a regular sized wall mirror to be hung on the wall which means that the mirror should be integrated inside a door panel. Both bedroom doors feature a mirror on one side, while the living room door on the opposite wall has a see through glass filling through which some natural light will come into the dark hallway.

The floor is tiled, and the walls are finished in white and beige paint. A crown molding puts a finishing touch to the ceiling where surface mount downlights will be installed to illuminate the room.


The main bathroom features a wall-hung toilet with a built in water tank, a bathroom sink with a wall-hung cabinet, and a shower area with a glass screen. A decorative niche with shelves is designed above the toilet, but the decor tiles in the shower and sink areas are the main accent in the design.


The second bathroom features a wall-hung toilet, a semi integrated sink with a cabinet, a shower area with a glass screen, and a laundry area. A tiled drywall partition wall separates the stacked washer and dryer from the shower area. The floor and walls are tiled with the same type of tiles as in the main bathroom, but here they are grey in color, which matches the color design of the master bedroom that this bathroom is directly connected to.