SAMARA – Tiny APARTMENT Design Project

A tiny APARTMENT design project for a family of four. This contemporary design is highly functional which makes up for the small size of the apartment. The choice of the main colors and materials is uniform throughout the apartment, so the whole design idea feels consistent and harmonious. Still, each separate room feels unique in its own way thanks to the introduction of specific design solutions and accents.

The LIVING ROOM has an open concept floor plan that accommodates an entertainment area, a dining nook, a kitchen corner and a main entrance area. The family room leads to all the other rooms in this home – the bedrooms, bathroom and laundry room. The furnishings include a fitted wardrobe for shoes and coats, an U-shaped kitchen with a bar counter, a corner sofa, a TV cabinet, a dining table with four chairs and a sideboard cabinet. All cabinets feature handleless push-to-open doors and drawer fronts. A simple drop ceiling is designed to define the different areas within the main living space. Lighting design includes a fine selection of downlights, a chandelier and a ceiling lamp. The walls are set in plain white paint and accent brick tiling. The floors are finished with laminate and tiles.

The MASTER BEDROOM is set in white and wood, with an accent wall in dark grey. Furnishings include a bed with a bedside table, a dressing table and a drawer chest. All pieces of furniture are highly practical and with a clean modern appeal. Attached to the bedroom is a walk-in closet that features clothes and shoes storage space.
The CHILDREN’S BEDROOM is designed to accommodate two little girls. It is set in white, grey and wood, with bright accents in magenta, yellow and lime. Furnishings include a bunk bed, a large wardrobe, a bookcase, a desk and a toy chest that all provide plenty of storage space for clothes, books, toys and other personal belongings.

The BATHROOM and LAUNDRY ROOM are both finished with light wall tiles and dark wood floor tiles. The accent walls are set in decor patchwork tiles. The bathroom is furnished with a sink cabinet, a shower cubicle with a folding glass screen, and a wall-hung toilet with a built-in water tank. The laundry room features a fitted cabinet with shelves, as well as a washing machine and a water heater.