SANDINO – LUXURY Apartment Interior Design

Luxury apartment interior design for a three-bedroom unit in a modern residential apartment building in the city of Sofia. The apartment features a large open-plan living room that accommodates an entryway, a hallway, a kitchen corner, a dining area and a TV area. Two bedrooms and two bathrooms make up the rest of the apartment. The proposed design inspires a feeling of comfort and modern luxury. Light neutrals dominate the color palette, along with wood grain, white marble and gold details. Each room has its own individual accent color, still all rooms share a common general design style, base color selection and choice of materials.


The living room is a multifunctional space that leads to all the other rooms in the apartment. The living room features a kitchen corner, an entrance area with a hallway, a dining area and a TV area.

The entryway is separated from the main living room space. A decorative line of wooden posts serves as a room divider that lets the sunlight reach the innermost part of the room. A soft chaise lounge can be found by the wooden posts, along with an end table and some decorative lighting fixtures. A fitted wardrobe with alternating high gloss and mirror doors is designed in the hallway area that leads up to the bathroom and guest bedroom.

The kitchen corner is designed in light gloss and oak veneer, with a countertop and backsplash in engineered white marble. The kitchen is equipped with a fine selection of fully integrated appliances, under cabinet LED lighting, and handleless doors. The floor is set in white marble tiles, and the ceiling features a decorative L-shaped strip with recessed lights and wood cladding.

The TV area features an L-shaped sofa, a lounge chair with a foot stool, and a round table with gold metal base and a white marble top. The TV unit is wall-hung and is complete with a decorative wall niche with LED lighting and a fitted cabinet in wood veneer. A decorative wall with a number of wall niches is designed to the side of the TV wall. The ceiling features subtle LED strip lighting and a decorative strip with recessed lights and wood cladding. A round LED flush mount with a gold finish is the main lighting option in this area. A gold colored floor lamp provides additional light by the sofa.

The dining area features a large table with six upholstered chairs, a low cabinet with drawers, and a decorative wall with niches, glass displays, a wine rack and a coffee machine area. The dining chairs are not all the same – two out of six stand out from the rest with their yellow finish that matches the yellow colored curtains and golden accents throughout the room. A modern LED chandelier with golden rings hangs above the dining table. Additional accent lighting is designed in the wall niches to the side. The floor in the dining area, as well as in the TV area is set in herringbone hardwood.


The master bedroom has its own private bathroom with a clear glass front, as explicitly requested by the client. Both spaces share common design features – pastel pink accent shades, decorative wood cladding and white marble.

A queen-sized bed can be found in the center of the master bedroom. A leather bench with a metal base sits at the foot of the bed. An end table serves as a night stand on one side of the bed. It has a gold colored metal base and a white marble top. The bedside table on the other side of the bed is wall-hung and the wall, that it is attached to, is set in wood cladding. Wall niches with accent LED strip lighting are designed above the headboard. A large wardrobe with high gloss and mirror sliding doors is designed along the wall to the side of the bed. A dressing table with wall shelves and wood cladding can be found at the end of the wardrobe, right by the windows.

A decorative ceiling is designed in this room. It features hidden LED lighting along its edge, as well as a decorative L-shaped strip with recessed lights and wood cladding. A gold colored LED flushmount light can be found in the middle of the ceiling. Further lighting options include a gold colored wall sconce on one side of the bed, as well as a pair of pendant lights on the other.

The feature wall behind the bed is set in satin finish plaster in pastel pink. The rest of the walls are light beige in color, while the ceiling is white. The floor is set in herringbone hardwood. The windows are finished with pink colored curtains that match the feature wall, as well as the dominant color in the abstract patterned carpet on the floor.

The private bathroom is set in white marble tiles. The largest wall in the shower area is designed as a feature wall with pink tiles laid in herringbone pattern. The accent walls outside the shower area are set in wood with moisture resistant finish. A white pebble strip under the sink cabinet is one more accent feature in the bathroom design.

The shower area can be found behind a glass screen with sliding doors. It features a ceiling-mount rain shower, as well as a hand shower and an in-wall water mixer. A white marble clad bench can be found inside the shower area, as well as wall niches, also set in white marble.


The second bedroom will serve as a guest bedroom at first. It is only equipped with the essentials – a sleeper sofa, a dresser and a TV unit with wall shelves. The feature wall behind the sofa is set in lime colored interior paint that matches the curtains by the window. A decorative set of hexagon shaped mirrors is a simple, yet eye-catching finishing touch to the interior design. An LED flushmount is the main source of light in this room. Two floor lamps will provide additional light on each side of the sofa.


The second bathroom, just as the master bathroom, is set in white marble tiles. The accent walls are set in seafoam green tiles, laid in herringbone pattern. Wood patterned tiles are laid behind the wall hung toilet. The sink cabinet is designed in plain white and light wood, and the large mirror features integrated LED lighting. Accent LED lighting is designed along the edge of the drywall ceiling. Recessed lights are however the main source of light in the bathroom.

The shower area features a ceiling mount rain shower head and a hand shower with an in-wall water mixer. A white marble shower curb and a glass screen with sliding doors separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom space.