VALENTA – Living Room and Hallway Interior Design

Living room and hallway design in a two-bedroom apartment unit. The foyer is directly connected to the living room, with no doors to separate one area from the other. Therefore, some common design elements unite both areas. The overall design has a contemporary feel with industrial style details. The color scheme is dominated by light colors – plain white and ash grey oak. Dark tones – black and grey, are also applied to add some depth and contrast. Yellow details in the textile add a pop of color and make for an eye catching accent.


The living room is spacious and filled with light – it has two floor-to-ceiling windows that let plenty of sunlight into the room. The kitchen area takes up one corner of the room. It has a U-shaped layout with a bar counter and wall cabinets that naturally flow into a large custom design unit with drawers, cabinets and open shelf boxes.

The brightest part of the room, right in front of the largest window accommodates a home office area complete with a computer desk and an office chair. A TV and entertainment area takes up the space by the other floor-to-ceiling window. It features a comfortable sofa, a coffee table and a custom design TV unit with three decorative vertical posts and a wooden TV panel mounted on them.

The dining area features a dining table with six upholstered chairs, as well as a sideboard with drawers nearby.

Most furnishings are of custom design. They are designed in a well balanced mix of white and dark grey, with a touch of ash grey oak veneer that adds texture and depth to the design.

The floor is laid with laminate and tiles. The main living room area is finished with laminate, while the tiles naturally flow from the hallway right into the kitchen area.

The kitchen area features a drop ceiling with recessed lights and accent LED strip lighting along the edge. The drop ceiling visually separates the whole space into two areas – a kitchen area and a more prominent living room, dining and home office area.

The walls are designed in plain white paint. The long wall behind the sofa and the dining table features decorative bricks as an accent. The adjacent wall on the other hand features wood paneling that naturally flows into the hallway and foyer.

Different lighting zones are created in this multifunctional open plan living space – the kitchen features recessed lights, pendant lights hang over the bar counter, a chandelier of the same design puts an accent on the dining table, a flush mount will be installed in the entertainment area, and surface mounted lights will illuminate the home office and bookcase area. All light fixtures stand out in black against the white ceiling.

White shades dominate the color palette, with contrasting black and dark grey details. Light colored ash grey wood veneer adds a touch of warm neutrals that balance out the color scheme. Bright yellow pops of color make for an eye catching accent in textile details – curtains, carpet and throw pillows.


There is no door to separate the hallway from the living room, which means that the designs of both spaces should be similar in terms of colors, materials and details.

The one and only piece of furniture in the hallway is a fitted unit with room for a stacked washer and dryer combo, a sitting bench with a drawer, a wall cabinet and wall-mounted hooks for coats and jackets. The whole unit is designed in white, dark graphite and ash grey oak that flows right into the living room.

The floor is laid with tiles – the same as the ones in the kitchen area. The walls are finished in white paint, which can be washable to make maintenance easier. A track lighting system in black is designed to run along the ceiling in the foyer and hallway.