ZARA – COMMON AREAS Design In An Apartment Building

This is a concept design of the common areas in a soon to be built residential complex in the city of Stara Zagora. The interior design features a warm-toned color palette, high-end materials and decorative accents.


The entrance foyer is spacious and filled with light. The floor is set in polished granite, and the walls are finished with limestone slabs that run horizontally with thin granite strips in between. A set of large mirrors is built into the stone.

The wall facing the main entrance is designed as a feature wall – it is set in dark brown plaster and it is finished with elegant wall profiles. The wall accommodates the name of the residential building – ZARA Residence, which is composed of laser cut stainless steel letters.

The far end of the foyer also accommodates a sitting area where residents or their guests can sit down for a while. The recessed ceiling above is elegantly designed with hidden LED lighting in addition to the drop down crystal chandelier.


The hallway design up the stairs adheres to the same design aesthetics that can be witnessed in the main foyer. The floors are laid with polished granite, and the walls are set in paint and plaster.