Concept interior design for a two-bedroom unit in a luxury apartment building that is planned for construction in the city of Stara Zagora. The proposal suggests an elegant combination of modern elements and traditional details which makes for a unique design with great appeal. The apartment features a living room, master bedroom, kid’s bedroom, one and a half bathrooms and a hallway.

The LIVING ROOM has an irregularly shaped floor plan. It accommodates a one-wall kitchen, a dining area with a table and six chairs, a sitting area with an L-shaped sofa, an armchair and a TV cabinet. All cabinet units are designed in white MDF and feature shaker doors and drawer fronts. The kitchen is elegant and all-white – even the kitchen appliances are set in white. The dining area features a modern table with a frosted glass top and a set of six designer chairs. The sitting area is located nearby featuring an L-shaped sofa in dark blue, a comfy armchair in dark leather and a modern round table. The TV cabinet is set in white, with an accent in dark wood and a few open shelves. A drop ceiling is designed for the whole room, complete with recessed lights and a beautiful crown molding.

The BEDROOM is comprised of two areas – a walk-through closet and a main sleeping area. The sleeping area has a beautiful features wall that’s finished with the same hardwood material that’s also used for the floors. The bedroom is furnished with a comfy upholstered sofa and a set of bedside tables and a dresser in chrome and white gloss. A pair of large mirrors – one on each side of the bed, add more depth to the interior space and serve as a cool decorative element. A light blue shaggy carpet adds a touch of color to the design and can be matched with a wall art piece in similar shades. The walk-through closet features a U-shaped wardrobe with janging racks, cabinets and drawers.

White dominates the scene in the KID’S BEDROOM just like in the rest of the place. The kid’s room is designed for one child. It features a bed with cabinets, wardrobes and bookshelves. An all-white desk can be found in the area by the window. It has a beautiful Mid-century Modern inspired design. A contemporary LED chandelier can be used to illuminate the room. A couple of table lamps can be used for task lighting in the desk and bed areas.

The main BATHROOM is set in white and dark brown tiles. It features a shower area with a glass screen, a wall-mount toilet with a built-in water tank, and a totem basin with an in-wall mixer. A large mirror is also provided, as well as recessed lighting.

The HALF BATH is designed in white tiles and dark wood patterned tiles, similar to the main bathroom. It is a tiny room but it is neatly equipped with all amenities such as a wall-hung toilet bowl, an in-cabinet water heater, a vanity cabinet with a sink and a large mirror.

The HALLWAY is furnished with a white-colored unit with coat racks, shoe cabinets and a pair of drawers.The floor tiles are in light grey, and the walls are set in white washable interior paint.