WORK PROCESS In Interior Design – PROJECT Development

WORK PROCESS In Interior Design – PROJECT Development

Interior design is a complex process with a number of steps to follow until the final result is complete. Any deviations could compromise the design and cause problems when the renovation works take place.

So what are the stages of work in interior design project development?

stages of work in interior design

It all begins with a first meeting.

That would be the time for the client to explain their brief to the designer. All preliminary details must also be explained – project content, deadlines and costs. It is important for both parties that we click – that would make it much easier for us to work together until the project is complete. If all is good, then we can shake hands, sign a contract and begin with project development.

An on-site visit follows next.

A first-hand inspection of the interior space is the best way for us designers to get a good perception of it. A detailed measured survey that we always carry out eliminates the chances of missing out on important details that may not be noted in your architectural blueprints or the plans you may have sketched. Sometimes it is possible to work distantly on a project – that is usually the case with international clients who are then responsible for providing us with all necessary measures, details and photos of the interior space. This kind of approach however increases the chances of missing out on something important.

on-site measured survey

The actual design work can now begin.

By that time we have done our research and have knowledge of our client’s needs and requirements. We can move on to analyzing the interior space and the traffic flow paths in order to come up with a functional organization plan. After we have a couple of layout options, we will show them to you, have a discussion and pick out the best one.

Now comes the fun part.

Having already analyzed the interior space and chosen a basic layout plan, we are going to come up with a general design concept. We are going to pick out basic design elements, materials and colors that we are going to put into a 3D model. Little by little, things will start to take shape and project development will move to the next level.

creating an interior design concept

3D modeling is the most time-consuming process in interior design.

We need to spend lots of hours on computer work in order to build a detailed environment that correctly resembles the actual interior space. The photorealistic images that we are going to show you later on however, are totally worth the effort. That is the best way for us to show you our ideas in a way that you can actually see and feel what your interior space can look like in the end.

Then, we will show you our first interior renderings.

After that, we can discuss them and see if we should edit and improve our design. Depending on the details in your contract, you may be entitled to a certain number of design revisions until we come up with a final edit that satisfies all your requirements. It usually takes about 2-3 edits until that happens. In the process of project development, we usually have to experiment with different colors, materials and tiny details in furniture and decoration.

interior visualization

After the design has been approved, we can draft up some plans.

We are going to prepare all plans, elevations and details for construction works. All drawings will have proper dimensions and annotation details with legends, basic quantitative accounts and explanatory notes for the contractors. The plans will show everything necessary – architectural changes, electric layout schemes, water and sewage systems, drop ceilings, furniture layout, wall and floor finishes… Detailed furniture plans will also be included.

Finally, the project is complete.

The time frame for the interior project is always different depending on the complexity and scale of the design. The speed in the two-way communication between client and designer, as well as the designer’s current engagement with side projects are also factors that should be taken into account. Experience has shown us that an average 75 sqm two-bedroom apartment can be complete with 3D renderings and detailed plans in about two months and single rooms can be finished in less than 30 days.

interior project complete with detailed plans

After the design is finished and submitted to the clients, we can move on to construction and renovation works, but… that is something to discuss in another article.