How To Design A Home That Is EASY TO MAINTAIN? – Part II

How To Design A Home That Is EASY TO MAINTAIN? – Part II

After we discussed the best interior design materials that make home maintenance easier in our last article, it is time to continue with some practical layout ideas and design solutions for your home.

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Fill in the gaps!

Think about how much dust tends to accumulate on top of your wardrobe and upper kitchen cabinets, and how tedious it is to clean. Save yourself some effort by opting for ceiling-high furniture. That can also get you much more storage space that can also be of great help.

Here is another neat idea – get as few small stand-alone furniture items as possible. That includes side tables, lockers, drawer chests… It is often hard to clean around them, as those areas can be tight and hard to reach. Better call an interior designer and have them design bespoke furniture that perfectly fits in your room.

Do also pick out a bed and sofa that closely cover the surface of the floor – that way it will be impossible for dirt and dust to pile up underneath. Don’t forget to also choose built-in kitchen appliances over stand alone refrigerators. ovens or dishwashers.

diamond patterned mirror doors in a modern classic bedroom design

Get plenty of storage space!

Don’t rush into buying furniture until you figure out your exact storage needs and know how to organize your belongings. Think about the things that you need in your daily life and make sure that you have enough room to store them away within easy reach. Don’t forget to get yourself lots of lockers, drawers and open shelves of various sizes.

Do also research special systems to help you get your place in order. Inner dividing systems can be great in your kitchen and closet. Get yourself a multi-functional bed or sofa, as well, by picking out a design with a lift top or drawers underneath. There you can put away some rarely used, yet necessary items and out of season clothing.

girl's bedroom design with one bed

Don’t get too much open shelving!

The more open shelves you have in your home, the harder it would be to maintain order. Shelves can be a great addition to your interior design, yet they can get plenty of dust on them. Trade them all for a glass showcase instead. That way you would still be able to exhibit your favorite decorations but they will be well protected from dust and dirt.

It is good to know, however, that closed-off cabinets with solid doors are to be preferred. It may be a total mess inside of these, but your room will still look nice and tidy. You could certainly make your design more varied by also having some open units. There you could arrange woven baskets and boxes to store small stuff and sundries away.

modern stepped bookcase in a transitional living room design

Get whatever you can off the floor!

Vacuum-cleaning your home gets ever so difficult if you have plenty of stuff in the way. It is obvious that most furnishings must stay on the floor, still, some pieces could easily be wall-mounted. You could, for example, get a wall-fixed desk, cabinets and shelves. Don’t forget to think about the bathroom, either – get a wall-mounted toilet seat with a built-in water tank and a wall-hung sink.

modern bathroom design

Don’t leave too much stuff out in the open!

The more stuff you have on top of your desk and lockers, the harder dusting and cleaning would be. Get all your tiny accessories and decorations safely inside a glass showcase instead. Do also attach your TV to the wall in your living room or bedroom to make it easier to clean the cabinet underneath. Replacing your floor and table lamps with wall sconces is also worth considering.

In your kitchen you could have an undermount sink and clear your worktop surface by keeping all kitchen utensils and small appliances within reach inside your cabinets. In your bathroom, it is best to have all accessories wall-mounted – that includes soap dishes, dispensers and tooth holders.

entertainment area in a small apartment

Choose proper lighting fixtures!

Lamps are often skipped in our cleaning routine, but they can hold a lot of dust that gets harder to get rid of as it piles up. Crystal chandeliers are particularly tricky as they require special care and attention to all tiny details. Textile, wicker and paper lampshades can also be hard to clean.

It is recommended that you choose light fixtures of a simpler design instead. You can go with lamps made of plain glass and metal, or opt for recessed lighting altogether. Don’t forget to also consider replacing your floor and table lamps with wall sconces or pendant lights.

kitchen interior design with a bar counter