Interior accessories and decorations put the final touch to an interior design project. They can greatly enhance a design idea and personalize interior spaces. Home decorations are also that one little detail that you can easily rearrange or altogether replace if you need a quick redesign.

Here are some of our favorite interior accessories and decorations.

interiors accessories and decoration

Window Curtains

A very much preferred window treatment, curtains are much more than mere decor item. They also have a practical use, as they can protect you from direct sunlight and curious outside observers alike. Window curtains inspire a sense of comfort and cozy, and can be designed in a way that befits classic interiors, as well as modern designs.


Carpets And Rugs

Carpets and rugs can totally transform a bare floor and provide a good foundation for a beautiful design. They can be used to define different areas within the interior space or bring separate furniture pieces together. Carpets can enrich and interior design idea and inspire a feeling of comfort and warmth. They come in various shapes, colors and sizes, which makes it fairly easy to find a proper design for any room in your home.

carpets and rugs

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are yet another interior decoration that we adore. They can be used to add texture, color and pattern to our designs, and can be an eye-catching accent piece on our sofa, armchair or bed. They come in any shape, color and size, so they are fun to mix and match.

throw pillows

Scented Candles

Scented candles are a little design element that has a powerful decorative effect. They can bring more light and warmth into our homes and are great to have around when we want to create a more relaxing or romantic setting. Scented candles can be easily mixed and matched with other decorative items and can be used to decorate any room within our homes.

decorative candles
Bowls and vases

Bowls and vases can be a true work of art. They can be made of a wide range of materials such as glass, clay, wood and metal, and can be grouped with other accessories to attain a more powerful decorative effect.

pottery and glass vases

Boxes and baskets

Woven baskets and decorative boxes are a neat way to organize your trinkets. They have a cool artistic appeal that makes the whole interior design ever so charming and enticing. They can nicely fit in a bookcase in your living room, bedroom or home office.

baskets and boxes

Traditional clocks

Traditional clocks can easily be neglected in the interior decoration of our homes, as they are steadily being replaced by their digital counterparts that are integrated in the design of modern appliances and electronics. Still, regular clocks have a genuine appeal and a great impact in interior decoration. This makes them one of our favorite home decor items on the market.

clocks as interior accessories

Wall Decorations

Paintings are a classic interior decor item that we all have in our homes. They are not the only option though – artistic photography, prints and posters can be a beautiful alternative to traditional wall art. A wisely chosen set of wall decor pieces can greatly transform a bare wall and make the whole space more personal.

paintings and wall decor items

Wall Mirrors

Mirrors have a certain purpose in our lives, but they can also be used as fabulous decor pieces throughout our homes. Beautiful framing can turn them into an alternative to traditional wall art decoration, as the reflections in them are a cool visual effect that makes the whole interior space more open.

wall mirrors


Books are so much more than just an accessory – they are a window to the world and an infinite source of wisdom. The mere presence of books in a home makes it much more alive and inspired, so it’s best to take advantage of that and put them on display. Open shelves and bookcases are the perfect spot to exhibit a fine literature collection. A couple of our favorite books lying around on the coffee table, on the other hand, put a nice touch to interior decoration and can make a cool conversation piece.

storage options around a student's desk

Sculptures and Souvenirs

Precious gifts and memorabilia have a special sentimental value and are a nice way to add a personal touch to our interior design. Decorative sculptures and statuettes are also worth having around as decor items. Open shelves, desktops and glass display cases are a great place to beautifully arrange and proudly exhibit all our souvenirs and sculptural pieces.

souvenirs and sculptures

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants add a touch of nature to the interior design of our homes. Dried plants and decorative twigs, on the other hand, are a cool and casual alternative to live plants, as they require little to no care. Another interesting idea is to decorate your kitchen with potted herbs – not only will they look beautiful, but fresh ingredients are always great to have around when cooking.

decorating with flowers and house plants

What are your favorite home accessories and decorations? Be sure to discover more creative decorating ideas in our portfolio.