Step By Step, Part I – PROJECT BRIEF

Step By Step, Part I – PROJECT BRIEF

Interior design is a complex process aimed at solving many functional and aesthetic problems. We have already been through the main stages in interior design and renovation works. Now it’s time to explore in detail an actual project that we are working on. In a series of articles we are going to lead you through the whole process – from the start to the very end.

In this post we are going to present the project brief and the main requirements.

step by step

The subject of design

The subject of design is a tiny apartment with great location in close proximity to South Park, Sofia. It is located on the fourth floor of a newly built apartment building. It is southeast oriented which makes it ever so cozy and bright. It features an open concept living room, two bedrooms, two balconies and a bathroom.

The apartment is really small with a total living area of 56 square meters (balconies not included). With proper functional zoning however, it may just turn out to be the perfect home for the whole family.


The future inhabitants

The homeowners are a young married couple who would love to have two kids in the near future. Their personal needs and requirements are going to be fundamental for the whole project.

Both homeowners enjoy spending time at home. They love to cook and insist on having a functional well-equipped kitchen. They do however find daily chores tiresome, so they would like to have a well-designed home that is easy to clean and maintain.

Both of them work from home occasionally, so each one of them needs a personal computer area. In their free time they love to watch movies together, so they would really want to have a comfy L-shaped sofa in their living room.

This is going to be the very first own home for bot of them, which makes it ever so special. That’s why they have high demands and big expectations.


The main requirements

Creating a cozy living space with a high level of comfort and functionality is the main requirement toward the design. This has to be accomplished with a total budget of around 45 000 Bulgarian levs (roughly 22 500 euro).

The living room must accommodate an entertainment area with a sleeper sofa, a kitchen corner with built-in appliances, and a dining table. A storage place must be found by the main door to put away coats and shoes.

The master bedroom should have an upholstered bed, a fitted wardrobe and two computer desks. The other bedroom will be for the kids, so it will not be furnished at least until the kids are born and past baby age. Still, two beds will be needed there at some point, along with a wardrobe, cabinets and a desk.

The bathroom should have a shower area behind a glass screen, a wall-hung toilet with a built-in water tank, a vanity cabinet with a sink and a mirror. An electric water heater will be used to warm up the water, but it will be located outside the bathroom – by all means hidden away in a large cabinet.

As far as design styles are concerned, the clients’ preferences lean towards contemporary design. We are going for a modern look with clean lines and sleek details. Color preferences are set on neutral shades – white and grey, with a touch of warm hues such as brown and beige. In our material selection we are going to focus on wood veneer, stone and textile. Our floors will be laid with ceramic tiles and hardwood, and our walls will be finished in plain wall paint and accent plasterwork.


In the next part of this series, we will discuss functional planning and furniture layout ideas, so stay tuned for a follow-up!