After we’ve been through the project brief and we’ve come up with a functional layout plan, we can move on to designing the interior spaces which includes furniture design, lighting choice, color and material selection, and interior decoration.

We’ll use computer generated interior visualizations to bring our ideas to life.

tiny apartment interior design


The living room features an L-shaped sofa in light grey. It is a multifunctional unit with sleeping and storage functions. It’s matched with a coffee table on casters that make it easy to move away when the sofa needs to be converted into a bed.

living room interior in white and grey, with accents in dark wood

The partition wall that we’ve designed to separate the entrance area from the living room is finished in white plasterwork. It is designed to withhold the weight of a wall-hung TV, and it is combined with an open shelf room divider unit.

tv wall with a room divider bookcase

A floor-to-ceiling unit is designed by the front door. It offers storage space for coats, shoes and other personal belongings. It also features a mirror with lighting. The rightmost section of the unit features a built-in fridge, as well as a washer-dryer and a water heater.

fitted wardrobe design

The built-in refrigerator is located close enough to the kitchen area. It is equipped with more built-in appliances such as an oven, a cooking hob, a range hood and a dishwasher. The kitchen features lower base counters and upper cabinets.

living room with kitchen and dining areas

The wall-mounted cabinets feature open shelves that can be used to put beautiful kitchenware and decorations on display. Kitchen equipment includes a built-in oven, an electric cooktop, a range hood and a dishwasher.

kitchen design in dark wood and plain white

The kitchen cabinetry is designed in plain white color and a dark wood veneer. The countertops and backsplashes are designed in engineered stone. LED strip lighting is designed to be built into the upper cabinets, and downlights will be installed over the kitchen sink.

kitchen cabinetry design


The master bedroom is set in neutral shades and warm hues – white and grey, brown and beige. The large upholstered bed in the middle of the room is the main focal point and the heart of the design that brings all elements together.

bedroom interior design

The bed has a storage space underneath that makes the design more functional and convenient. Bedside lighting includes a floor lamp and a table lamp. The computer desk area is designed with two individual workstations and features a bookcase in the corner.

bedroom design with a computer desk

A wall-hung TV is installed opposite the bed with a pair of drawer units underneath. A beauty area with a mirror is design nearby. All storage units have clean handle-free fronts – a great choice for modern interiors.

bedroom design with a wall-mounted tv

A fitted wardrobe with sliding doors is designed in the niche behind the door. It is set in a delicate shade of grey. The windows feature roller shades made of light cream-colored fabric. A drop ceiling is designed with recessed lights in it.

fitted wardrobe with sliding doors


The children’s bedroom is set in neutral shades that are equally good for boys and girls. It is furnished with a bunk bed with shelves. A large floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with drawers is also designed.

children's bedroom design in white, grey and brown

The top level of the bunk bed can be accessed through a vertical ladder. A safety rail is designed to eliminate the risk of a kid falling out. A second wardrobe is designed to take up the free space between the bunk bed and the window.

bunk bed design with wardrobe

A study area is designed on the other side of the room. It features a desk with cabinets and drawers, and an open-shelf bookcase. This design offers plenty of storage space for books, stationery and personal belongings.

desk design with cabinets and a bookcase

The windows are designed with blackout curtains in dark brown that matches the dark wood veneer in the furniture. Despite the limited space available in the room, there is still plenty of floor area in the middle to be used for fun and games.

kids' bedroom interior design


The bathroom is also pretty tiny, with a total area of less than 4 square meters. Still, it is quite convenient, with great amenities such as a large shower area, a wall-hung toilet with a built-in water tank, and a vanity cabinet with a sink and mirror.

tiny bathroom design in light grey and dark brown

The color selection fits right in the general design concept. The tiles are in a light grey shade and with a delicate pattern for the accent walls by the sink and shower areas. The floor, on the other hand, is laid with dark tiles that resemble a hardwood floor.

bathroom design with a shower area, a wall-mounted toilet seat and a vanity counter

Since there is always room for improvement in interior design, our next blog post will be dedicated to the changes that we made to our design.